Category III: The Exploitation Films of Hong Kong

A Day Without Policeman (1993): Pretty violent movie, violence of the gun blasting and rape variety. Story has something to do with an island being taken over by bad guys armed with AK-47's and the only person that can save everyone is some guy with an unhealthy fear of AK-7' convenient. Just the bloody gunshot action is the main highlight of this action flick. Screenshots

Gore = Low, Sex = Medium, Violence = High, Overall = Okay

Brother of Darkness (1994) Good amount of sleaze, violence, and insanity even if it does get mushy with the love story at times. The villain is pretty fucked up. He's ridiculously in and out of jail, rapes his wife, beats his kid, later sells his wife and kid off, treats his parents like shit, drives his mother to attempt suicide, and worst of all hit his adopted kid brother in the crotch which prevents him from ever having an erection in life and leads to a complicated love story with a miserable ending. The story is structured like in Daughter of Darkness and has two actors from that movie (Lily Chung and Anthony Wong). Both movies took place in a courtroom where it's debated whether the defendant was justified in achieving brutal revenge on the villain. And from interrogation in the courtoom, we are given glimpses of flashbacks, mostly sex scenes, the villain being an asshole, and some bloody fights. The funniest flashback was when the guy who couldn't get an erection finds his girlfriend masturbating in the bathtub and gets pissed off cause he knows his penis was not pleasurable enough.

Gore = Low, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Good

Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1995) This movie does weird, totally original things with sex. There's a scene with high flying martial artists fucking. They fuck like mad in mid-air and do tons of hyper-humping, it's like how Goku from Dragonball Z would nail a chick with a crotch strong enough to withstand massive repeated thrusting! There were even some "Street Fighter-like" special moves in the fucking like the spinning on the cock while the cock was in the chick or the super ejaculation blast that drenches the place with semen. This insane sex scene wasn't what the movie revolved around though, it was something just inserted into the movie somehow. The main story is about a girl and her love interest getting framed for murdering the girl's husband (who has a HUGE dick that could kill anything he fucks). This husband is killed by getting an aphrodisiac overdose which makes his penis explode and spray a shitstorm of blood. The story is actually interesting and there's more details to the messed-up love story and corruption that you just need to see for yourself. Anyways, as the title suggests, there's torture here because apparently court rooms back in the ancient times this film was set would employ barbaric methods to get someone to confess to a crime or to just simply execute them. Getting fingernails torn off, kneeling on broken plates, boob squishing, getting fucked by a wooden donkey, castration, and fingers being squeezed by an ingenious invention are some of the torture and execution methods we get a glimpse of. The movie is more of a sleazfests than gorefest though with strong sexual humor, an invisible rape that goes hilariously wrong, numerous boobs, and even a lesbian scene. Overall, a classic essential CAT III delivering the sleaze and violence. The insane high flying fuck is worth owning this movie alone!

Gore = Medium, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Good

Daughter of Darkness (1993) Really cruel sexual and mental abuse within the family and a bloody revenge massacre are what this film revolves around. There is some humor but it's microscopic in the grand scheme of the movie. This movie is real fucking dark, depressing, and sadistic. The title of the film says it all, the poor girl in the film really is a "Daughter of Darkness" with a father that treats her like a piece of shit to rape and torment. This is like a sad story from some Lifetime Channel movie perverted and turned into a depraved merciless film. In other words, this is a great sleazy exploitation film that pushes the limit by being simultaneously dramatic and brutal. A favorite CAT III of mines, it's a film that feels so wrong to watch that you just can't stop watching.

Gore = Med High, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Essential

Daughter of Darkness II (1994) The first Daughter of Darkness was a classic in filthy CAT III sleaze so I was interested in this sequel. Well, the sequel pretty much has nothing to do with the first. You can watch the two as complete seperate movies. There was a reference to Anthony Wong from the first movie but nothing important at all to understand the story here. In Daughter of Darkness II, we get a brand new case that different cops have to investigate. In the same fashion as the first, blood-drenched dead bodies in the beginning establish the case. From there the cops piece clues together to find out who the murderer is. Suddenly the movie indulges in perverted slapstick humor, involving a room full of guys having to jerk off into bowls so their sperm can be compared to the one at the scene of the crime. Later, a mango manages to fall in some of the semen and a dimwitted big-titted cop eats it, not knowing why the mango tastes so great. As the movie progresses, things get a lot more erotic and then darker. As flashbacks, we are told the story of a wife and husband befriending some big dude. The husband had a damaged crotch from Nam so he asks big dude to impregnate his wife (long sex scenes ensue)...this of course leads to a fucked-up love story when big dude starts having feelings for the wifey (who's pretty damn hot btw). Things get even more fucked-up when a sadistic sleazeball family kidnaps the now pregnant wife for ransom. I'll leave you at that because just you gotta see how pitch black, evil, sick, and nasty the mood of the movie becomes at this point. Lets just say the movie later involves rape, torture, humiliation, sadism, more sex, STDs, a brutal coathanger abortion, and bloody violent revenge involving sharp objects! If you liked the first Daughter of Darkness or if you just want a ridiculously mean-spirited sleazy tale, you will not be dissapointed with this flick. Screenshots

Gore = Medium, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Great

Diary of a Serial Killer (1995) Wow, this is like a CAT III version of the classic sick flick Maniac (1980) but as depressing and mean-spirited as another classic Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986). The story is told from prison as flashbacks and it's about a lonley guy with a boring wife and a daughter. He's not content with his life and has some fucked up mental problems that make him a sleazeball into kinky bizzare shit. This guy goes around looking for hookers so he can kill them because he believes he's creating a new life for them. Apparently he hates women being hookers and wants them to reincarnate into a better life. Wanting them to stop being hookers doesn't stop him from indulging in sick pleasures before "sending them off to their next life" though. He'll have rough S&M sex, kill and torture them in brutal fashions (like sticking dynamite up the joytrail or burning it with an iron), and then he'll even cut off their boobs/vagina/skin to put on a manequin (just like in Maniac) or save a piece of their hair for his diary (hence the title "Diary of a Serial Killer"). It's not a gorefest as the story allows it to be, (it's a sleazefest) but you do get some decent blood splashing and see severed boobs turned to leather. There are scenes of necrophilia and cannibalism/blood drinking too so you can say this guy is like a Chinese Ed Gein. Sometimes he'll go on disturbing psychotic rants and play with his victims, so fans of insane killers should take note of this film. Overall, I wouldn't say this is pure shock exploitation (although you can easily enjoy it on that level) because there are profound statements made and a lot of emotion going on in the complicated relationship between the main character and his wife's hot relative that moves in his house. Back Cover

Gore = Med High, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Great

Devil Fetus (1983) Supernatural Hong Kong film with weird gore scenes and an evil fetus that terrorizes people, story is confusing and boring but the gruesome f/x make this an amusing watch on a slow day.

Gore = Med High, Sex = Med, Violence = Med, Overall = Okay

Dr. Lamb (1992) One of the notorious CAT III's along side "Untold Story" and "Red to Kill", every dedicated CAT III fan has to have seen this or will see this eventually. Contrary to the title, the villain is no doctor, he's a perverted taxi driver obsessed with taking pictures of chicks. Being a taxi driver made it convenient for him to pick up women to kill at night. The first 30 minutes is too busy establishing police procedure when handling his arrest. Sure it does hurt the film a little (it's not that boring though), but once that cop bullshit is done, the serial killer finally confesses the fucked-up shit he does and details his sick perverted ways. The movie then illustrates his flashbacks filled with gore, necrophilia, violence, and sleaze! With one victim, he kept stabbing at her boob and then cut the entire thing off (the severed boob looked like cake made out of jello). Another victim he massacred with a saw and butcher knife, bloody stuff. And the last victim involved some disturbing corpse fucking. There's a whole psychology behind the killer that gets explored and we see his dysfunctional childhood (a formula for serial killer movies). He was pretty sick back then, peeking at his naked family, ewww. If you want to see this movie uncut you'll have to order the WORLD EXCLUSIVE version from, that's the only true uncut version. They combined different releases of the movie that had different cuts, so it was like putting legos together. The gore scenes I mentioned in this review are not complete in the official releases, which is lame. I felt the gore really added to how insane the character was, you wouldn't get that same feeling if you got the edited piece of shit. It's definitley worth getting the true uncut version, behold the sleaze and gore as it should be because this is an essential CAT III, no CAT III collection could be complete without this in its purest form. Screenshots

Gore = High (uncut), Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Great

Ebola Syndrome (1996) Anthony Wong plays a perverted, rapist, child abusing, thief, killer that spreads the ebola virus throughout his sleazy antics, around the world. Did I mention he contracts the ebola virus from raping a dying black woman in the jungle? Desperate to bang something, he sees the black woman just laying on the ground and then proceeds to penetrate her. As he was banging her, she starts vomiting and having some sort of convulsion, which freaked Wong out so he grabs a huge stone and crushes her head in! Wong happened to be merely a carrier of the virus and not a sufferer of it when he contracted it, so all hell broke loose when he started fucking whores and serving food/victims at a restaurant. Cannibalism (people turned into burgers), really gory autopsy scenes, bloody murders, necrophilia, Wong jerking off into a piece of meat, this has all the unsavory things in life at epic proportions. This movie is so wrong on so many levels that it's ridiculously funny. Out of all of Wong's movie, he victimized the most people in this, since the virus he spread became such a huge epidemic. It was kinda like that movie with the diseased monkey, "Outbreak", except instead of a monkey you got one sadistic immoral son of a bitch that really wants to fuck over everyone! Absolutely an essential sleazy, gory, sick, CAT III masterpiece. Screenshots

Gore = High, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = ESSENTIAL

Eternal Evil of Asia (1995) So a guy with an actual dickhead rubs his throat when two evil wizards have to bang each other to increase their power (they are banging each other while they are flying and fighting a guy), a chick gives a blowjob to a guy’s spirit being projected miles away (looks like she’s giving head to thin air, the only other movie that I know of that did this was Bad Lieutenant), some guy gets a curse that makes him so hungry that he starts biting people and then resorts to eating his arm until it's left skinless...yep, as you can tell this is a real winner, great movie. It’s actually well written with the love story, revenge angle, crazy magic, violence, and sleazy humor, never a dull moment. The literal dickhead thing still amazes me. He even took a piss! One of my favorite CAT III films. Screenshots

Gore = Medium, Sex = High, Violence = Medium, Overall = Good

Fatal Encounter (1994) When I first got this film, I thought it was going to be a CAT II judging from the rating on the VCD. I was in for a sleazy treat when I saw that glorious CAT III logo pop up as the movie played. I don't know what the official rating for this film really is but it sure as hell is fucked-up enough to be a CAT III. This film is so hilarious cause of how miserable everyone becomes. It's what I call an AIDSploitation. A man and a woman seem to have a perfect life when their first baby is born. Everything goes downhill though when the wife was never in the mood to fuck. The husband was so desperate to put his cock in something so he banged some filthy hooker who got aids earlier from being brutally raped. He got aids from her when his condom fell off during the sex (it's really gross when you see the gooey condom slip off and also cause the hooker is disgusting). Later the baby gets aids when the father accidentally cuts himself while opening a can with a knife (what a retard) and then comes into contact with a wound on the baby (how convenient, the baby has a wound just when his aids blood starts to splatter). The wife never got infected with aids cause when she finally was in the mood for sex, the husband wanted to avoid risking her so he cut his dick with a razor and said his dick was caught in his zipper and basically out of service. Rad scenes and things in this movie are when the husband headbutts a glass wall while crying, the hooker getting constantly beaten up, the hooker biting people and spreading Aids more, some gay guy getting aids and looking like a zombie, overly dramatic cheezy montages, and a deformed dwarf on a stroller going fishing! "Fatal Encounter" went from good to really good when that dwarf guy came out of nowhere just to illustrate some uplifiting message. The dwarf was basically a metaphor for how someone handicapped can still enjoy life. This was an inspiration for the aids-infected husband to keep on living and to just enjoy what little time he had left on earth instead of being depressed about being sick. Overall, I'm surprised I really liked this film, I bought it at a whim for a few bucks off cause it had Lily Chung, my fav CAT III actress. The beginning of the movie was busy establishing how happy the husband and wife were so it may be a bit boring there. But later on it becomes an entertaining film if you get a kick out of really fucked-up dramas that put people in comical worst case scenarios. I thought this movie was funny cause I live by the quote: "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think" ~ Horace Walpole. Screenshots

Gore = Low, Sex = High, Violence = Low, Overall = Good

Her Vengeance (1988) A rape/revenge film directed by Ngai Kai Lam, who went on to later direct the classic prison gore film, Story of Ricky. "Her Vengeance" is no Story of Ricky in the gore department though. There's just a few dabs of blood. Perhaps there are more gore scenes but the VCD I have is edited down and sadly this Joy Sales/Fortune Star VCD is the only reasonably attainable version of this flick. What annoys me the most is I don't get a sense of how brutal the rapes are in this film. Every rape/revenge film needs to have some brutal rapes so that the revenge makes sense. Killing people just cause you got your bare boobs touched would be stupid and I wouldn't root for the revenge. On this VCD you just see the chick crying on the street, that's it for the rape scene on this stupid pussy release. Why the hell is this even still labeled a CAT III when it's cut down to basically a PG-13 rating?! This movie isn't really worth seeing without all the full sex and gore exploitation. It's like eating pizza without toppings, regular cheese pizza is boring. The story was something I could easily live without cause it's just standard point A to point B formula, extreme violence and loads of splatter would have saved it. Here's what happens: woman pisses off some sleazeballs at her work, later gets raped, finds out she got an STD, she's sad, then pissed-off, goes through the process of planning to kill rapists, meets some people, some of those people die cause they get caught in the rivalry between her and the rapists, some Casino owner on a wheelchair fights alongside her in the final anticlimactic battle (one cross bow shot is the most graphic thing here), the end. Throughout the whole film, the wheelchair guy doing some kung-fu and a guy getting acid thrown on his face (although pretty damn tame) were the most amusing things. Maybe this movie is way better through an uncut version. I'd recommend getting this cut VCD only if you're desperate to see the kung-fu wheelchair, which does have its charming cheezy appeal but not enough for me to buy. Otherwise, just keep your fingers crossed for a full version (as of writing this it is the year 2007 and a film made nearly 20 years ago still can't get a proper release?!?!) Screenshots

Gore = Low (judging from cut VCD), Sex = Low (judging from cut VCD) Violence = Low (judging from cut VCD) Overall = Meh

Love to Kill (1993) Here's a sleaze-drenched CAT III with Anthony Wong as a psychotic wife-beater who's also a lawyer...yep, a laywer, there's no limit to how sadistic this character is! The movie wastes no time to show the dark side of the guy Wong plays in a memorable performance. Within a few minutes into the movie, the guy is furiously raping his wife when he catches her watching Arnold Schwarzenegger flex his muscles on tv. Looking at other people's muscles really pissed him off! He's so pissed that he covers her head tight in a plastic bag as he delivers some rough humping. A beer bottle being shoved where the sun don't shine and other humiliating acts were done to the poor woman. Luckily the wife manages to run out into the rainy street and stumbles upon a cop who gives Anthony Wong an assbeating. Some drama happens and then later Wong's wife and her kid hide out at the cop's girlfriend's house. Things get akward when the cop starts having the hots for the young milf. The mood went from mean-spirited to humorous at this moment but then later progresses into mean-spirit mode again when Wong hunts down his missing wife. As he looks for her, he'll have sick flashbacks of his spousal abuse and also of his fucked-up childhood which reveals why he's such a crazy wife-beating scumbag. The eventual finale is when things get a bit gory and has Wong's insanity go off the charts. He wields an axe like Jack Nicholson in the Shining and tries to have a birthday party for his son..which is a nightmare for the whole family. Overall, a perfect example of grim CAT III sleaze. It gives a good look at even "White-collar" types guilty of beating their wives (as opposed to just "trailer trash") and an interesting exploration of rigid laws that prevent justice, especially with abused wives and children. Screenshots

Gore = Medium, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Great

Men Behind the Sun (1987) The first movie about Japan's immoral abuse/experimentations/murder of Chinese and Russian people during WWII and the first CAT III movie (it sparked the whole CAT III rating due to its graphic nature). This has CONTROVERSIAL written all over, since there's genuine autopsy footage used and real animals killed (a cat fed to rats and rats set on fire). The subject matter and the depiction itself is inherenly controversial. This movie is brutal as hell, showing graphic gore and torture. But were all those scenes shown in an unflinching manner just to bring an honest light to the unknown atrocities of Japan during WWII or was it all just for cheap exploitation shock value? Most of the fans of this movie seem to be in the horror/exploitation crowd, I being one of them. There's a sort of a catch-22 with such a touchy subject matter though. If you make the movie too soft, it would be sugar coating the atrocities of Japan (which really DID happen and were really this BRUTAL, if not more). But if you make it too brutal, it would just be giving something for freaks like me to be amused by. I found myself simulataneously entertained by the sensational violence but digusted that Japan actually did this shit to people. Interesting film for both its historial/controversial value and as a splatter film (you don't see someone explode and shit out their guts in too many other films y'know). Personally I think this is pretty much a shocking exploitation film from the looks of it, regardless of the filmmaker's intent to make a "serious educational war film".

Gore = High, Sex = Low, Violence = High, Overall = Essential

No Guilty (1992) I knew nothing at all about this movie when I bought it. I just saw it cheap and it was also a CAT III so I gave it a shot. It didn't hurt to give this a try but it wasn't anything spectacular either. The first scene made me think this was going to be a cool undiscovered slasher cause it had a guy kill a chick in stalk-n-slash style after she came out of the shower (where there was gratuitous boob shots, although she wasn't that hot). The killer was a necrophiliac which added to the repuslive sleaze. Suddenly the movie became some crime drama when this one innocent guy gets blamed for the necrophiliac's murders because of some cover-up conspiracy the mob and crooked cops were in on. I should mention the necrophiliac murderer was some geeky looking guy from the mob, hence the mob story. There wasn't any mystery build up so I did NOT just spoil the movie for you. This mob guy prefers fucking dead women cause he just really hates women, he's the only CAT III element in the entire movie but there wasn't enough exploration into his twisted insight and graphic detail of his deeds (something Untold Story, Diary of a Serial Killer, and Dr. Lamb succeed at). Instead of making the killer the star, the filmamkers wanted us to go through the mediocre adventures of the wrongly accused guy and his cop buddy trying to get revenge on the criminals responsible for the conspiracy. Standard Thriller shit. Oh yeah, and there was some girl that witnessed the murder the innoccent guy was accused if that fact makes the movie anymore interesting. There's no gore beyond minimal blood and the violent scenes look like a generic action movie with occassional generic hand to hand kung fu combat. Not worth hunting down but for the guy wanting to be a walking encyclopedia on CAT III movies, it wouldn't hurt to see this. No wonder there was hardly any information for this movie on the internet, it's average. I actually appreciate other CAT III's even more now after watching this. Backcover

Gore = Meh, Sex = Meh, Violence = Meh, Overall = Meh

Peeping Tom (1997) Here's a CAT III that involves a serial killer/rapist that has a leg fetish (good amount of voyeur type legshots in this film). It's pretty kinky and violent. He cuts off the legs from some of his victims. You don't see the blades ripping through flesh though, just the bloody aftermath.When he sees a skirt-wearing female cop in an ultra violent shootout, he records her on his camcorder and becomes obsessed with her. Later he screwes around with her life by playing creepy mind games, breaking into her house, and raping her sister (who was previously seen in a really long masturbation scene in the shower). I enjoyed this flick as a sleazy erotic thriller but it wasn't as twisted as it needed to be. Good film, better than your average CAT III, but this had potential to be a perfect CAT III like "Daughter of Darkness" (film by the same director). Three reasons this doesn't get a 10 out of 10 is that it didn't go crazy with the gore (show some more leg chopping!), the rape scenes tried to be arousing instead of disturbing (I'd watch porn if I wanted to be aroused), and the psycho wasn't psycho enough. There weren't any insane rants or wild performances. He seemed like a calm hip guy wearing his orange sunglasses. I prefer psycho killers to be total antisocial freaks with a rugged face. This guy was almost like a metrosexual pretty boy. He does some mean shit though like forcing some white woman into a nude photoshoot as she cries, which makes you forget how metrosexual he looks. There's also a sense of humor to the character. The most hilarious scene in the movie is when he's raping this one woman in a van parked at a super busy street while a cop is outside writing a ticket, that was really akward. Anyways, DVD of this is out of print, it's worth searching for or at least a bootleg if you want to complete your serial killer CAT III collection. Screenshots

Gore = Med High, Sex = High, Violence = Med High, Overall = Good

Rape After (1986) Supernatural Hong Kong film with a demon that makes love to a woman and good amount of gore, there really isn’t any rape as the title suggests but it is a real creepy horror film with a truly dark atmosphere. Video Clip

Gore = High, Sex = High, Violence = Med, Overall = Good

Red to Kill (1994) Hong Kong's version of "I Spit On Your Grave", only a lot more twisted and cynical. A CAT III about a psycho serial rapist and a mentally handicapped girl...don't expect a disney movie! The movie is called "Red to Kill" cause something traumatizing (and bloody violent!) in the psycho rapist's childhood conditioned him to go completely nuts from the sight of red. When a mentally handicapped girl he's crazy over to begin with wears red and does ballet, he totally loses it and gives her a fucking she'd never forget. After the rape the girl is rubbing her vagina with a blade vigorously in the shower cause she feels so dirty. I cringed when blood started to drip in this scene. It's one of the most extreme things I've seen done to a vagina in a non-porno. Later the courts fail to bring justice so with the help of a social worker lady they plot revenge..the revenge leads to a lot of blood and a very depressing ending. It's like the movie gave a big fuck off to happiness. This is seriously the most mean-spirited fucked-up shit captured on film! The rape scenes have more of an extreme and tense atmosphere than a lot of hardcore porno's. They were shot like an unholy horror film with the dark lighting that made the savage rapist look even more menacing (kinda like in a slasher where you don't see the killer but know he's there, making everyone in the scene feel so insecure). Every time this dude was raping a chick, he'd breathe heavy (as if his breath weighed a ton) and then he'd spread the chick's legs in a creepy ritualistic manner. Him being buff and looking like every vein in his body would explode as he gave a deranged facial expression was really freaky. You really start feeling sorry for the victimized women and want revenge cause these rapes were brutal! Each thrust he gave was like a car crash to the crotch. No wait, make that a PLANE CRASH to the crotch. I got the U333 DVD, don't know if it's uncut but I can't imagine this movie being even harsher. This movie perfectly masters the ART of graphic horror and really tests the limits of SIN-ema, thus it deserves high praise. Screenshots

Gore = Medium, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = ESSENTIAL

Retribution Sight Unseen (3 days of a Blind Girl) (1993) Amazing sleazy adult psycho exploitation/thriller! This one woman goes blind but the blindess will only last for 3 days. When her husband (a rich doctor) is going somewhere away for work, Anthony Wong comes in to trap and terrorize her in her own home. Wong seemed like a friend just visiting at first but slowly we discover how fucked up he was and why he's doing this (there's actually a very fascinating story behind everything and you question who the bad guy truly is in the grand scheme of things). The girl's blindness makes her easy to torture and hold captive so Wong's insanity is even more of a danger, lots of surprises and twists you'll have never seen coming. My favorite twist has to do with "steak," that was just so sick and cruel haha. Most hilarious scene though (in a dark comedy way) is the "shower scene". The unsuspecting girl had no idea what Wong's sleazoid character was doing as he stood right behind her naked body! Good amount of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and violence with some blood (scissor castration, stabbings, fights) but not as graphic as most CAT III's. Actually this movie is not even really a CAT III. The VCD calls it a CAT III on the back cover and on the discs but when you play the movie that "CAT II" logo appears. I still like to consider it a CAT III though, it's a lot more sleazy than your average drama and you got a psycho Wong putting a blind girl through hell here! Plus it does have the CAT III logo all over the packaging, might as well consider it a CAT III in my collection. Nice sinister horror atmosphere, great character development, story that keeps you wanting to see what happens next, and not a single boring minute, a very solid film. Backcover, Screenshots

Gore = Low, Sex = Medium, Violence = Medium, Overall = Good

Robotrix (1991) Here's a cool action sci-fi CAT III slapstick/comedy that shows a lot of T & A and has some darker sleaze moments but is still more on the humor side. The 3 main chick characters in the movie were hot but my crotch was mostly obsessed with the Asian Goddess Amy Yip. Amy Yip is the greatest thing about this movie (or Asia for that matter), nothing like seeing a tight little asian lady with mouth-watering heavy hooters! We don't get to see her nipples in this flick but damn, those boobs look delicious no matter what. The story begins with some Middle Eastern leader's son getting kidnapped for ransom by an evil scientist that transported his mind into an unstoppable robot body (he wore leather and acted like Arnold in Terminator). A chick cop is resurrected from the dead as a robot (just like Robocop) to help the police get this guy. Amy Yip (who's a robot too) also helps in the hunt for this guy. Not really an interesting plot but it allows the action (fights and explosions) and silly antics of the police to ensue, that's all that matters really. The sleaze in this movie is due to some violent rape scenes. Apparently the Terminator-like villain is a horn dog that kills hookers. He bangs one hooker to death (he NEVER goes limp cause he's a robot) and there was another rape scene in a science lab or whatever that was pretty rough. At one point of the movie the cops try to lure the bad guy by setting up Amy Yip as a hooker. Things backfire when the cops never did catch the bad guy but end up watching Amy Yip have sex with guys she kept attracting in her hooker set-up. This scene was pretty much a comical excuse to show Amy Yip undress and make everyone drool over her goods. Cover 2, Screenshots

Gore = Low, Sex = High, Violence = Medium, Overall = Good

Run and Kill (1993) A mild-mannered fat man's life goes to hell when one day he finds his wife with another man and ends up in a bar getting stupidly drunk where he did something he'll regret, he accidentally hired a hitman to kill his wife. Not only is he depressed about his wife's death the next day, he also can't pay the hitman what he owes so they start messing with him, his business, and his little daughter for not paying his debt....things still get more fucked-up after trying to solve the debt problem though. Lets just say it gets him into a mess with a psychotic killing-machine that sheds not a single ounce of mercy for the elderly or children (he does something to a kid that is ridiculously sadistic and would offend a whole lot of people). It's a really clever over-the-top violent thriller. There's a good amount of machine guns blasting, explosions, hard-hitting fights that make you really feel the pain, and blood spilling (especially in one nasty scene where a guy gets bled to death). When the mild-mannered fatty finally tries to seek revenge in his own hands, he literally does "RUN and KILL!" and is more pissed than ever. A classic CAT III, it delivers the sadism, mean-spirit, and violence that the "genre" is notorious for.

Gore = Med High, Sex = Medium, Violence = High, Overall = Good

Story of Ricky (1991) Although there are no fancy slick kung-fu moves, Ricky delivers simple and effective blows that dismember people and make them lose limbs. He fought this one fat guy and just gave him one good punch through the intestines, river of guts just poured out the lardbutt. There are three goons that kill people in gory fashions as well so Ricky is not the only one causing gory mayhem everywhere. Violence isn't in EVERY scene but there is a massive fuckload here. Even when there is no gore in a scene, there's humor which redeems everything. The dubbing is so cheesy it's good. My first initial response to the movie was that it was like Bad Taste (the boss he fights in the end transforms in a similar fashion as the aliens in Bad Taste even) if it were a kung-fu flick (although technically there wasn't much kung-fu here, it was more like an Action/Prison film). It's not disturbing gore, rather, cartoon gore. It's so obvious when they switch to fake dummies for the gory scenes. This doesn't ruin the atmosphere in the movie though. Because of the context of this being a b-movie, the fake looking effects become a plus in my book. Even in this day and age of expensive computer graphics, there's nothing like seeing silly crafted low budget gore effects. If you were looking for realistic gore, go watch Saving Private Ryan or something.

Gore = EXTREMELY HIGH (only film to get a CAT III for gore rather than sex), Sex = None, Violence = High, Overall = ESSENTIAL

Suburb Murder (1992) Has a dramatic stoy about a reject child and class struggles, too much violent gang rape scenes though, not enough psychological tension in the protagonist to make this a solid film in my opinion, still is sought out by collector’s of the genre and I guess you hardcore CAT III collectors will need it.

Gore = Low, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Okay

Trilogy of Lust 2: Portrait of a Sex Killer (1996) About a girl killing men after having lots of sex with them, that's prety much the whole movie. Cool mix of eroticism, torture, and violence, nothing too gory though. No need to see first one to understand this one by the way. I heard there's an XXX version of this floating around, guess a little hardcore action would make the long drawn out sex scenes worth busting a nut over. The CAT III versions just seems like softcore porn.

Gore = Med, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Okay

Untold Story (1993) This is it, the ultimate Category III film. If you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what a CAT III truly is then. Anthony Wong (who won a "Golden Horse" award for his performance of a lifetime here) plays a psycho criminal that takes over as owner of a restaurant after butchering the previous owner and his family. He uses their remains as meat for steamed buns (which customers eat up) to hide the evidence and then comes up with an alibi about how he is legally the new owner of the place after the “family left”. The scene of the family massacre does not shy away from showing kids and a grandma getting decapitated and chopped up, that's how sadistic this flick is. Wong's character constantly goes to great lengths to cover up how immoral and sick a person he truly is, he even pissed on his hands as a means to wash away some blood that might raise suspicions. One guy got stabbed in the eye, gutted, and became even more steamed buns meat when he confronted Wong about his deceitful ways in a game of mahjong. Wong also rapes, humiliates, and shoves a fuckload of chopsticks up a woman's snatch until it bleeds as punishment for when she gave cops vital information that would confirm their suspicions about his criminal activity. He not only dishes out depraved acts on other people, he even fucks himself up by attempting suicide in prison by slicing up his wrists and biting a vein as he has an insane grin on his face. The chemistry between the cops was the only light/easy-going thing about this movie. They’re such goofballs and always eyeball hot hookers, making the tomboy woman cop pissed off at their horndog ways. Those light moments of the silly cops and their investigation are completely forgotten though when the real mean and gross shit in the movie happens. Cannibalism, rape, gore, violence, piss, and blood all graphically utilized in this morbid tale (said to be based on a true story) with a top-notch insane actor makes this one of the most important horror/exploitation films of all time. Screenshots

Gore = High, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = ESSENTIAL

Women on the Run (1993) This has the best kung-fu and action sequences you'll ever see in a CAT III. Very impressive swift movements and fancy strikes, especially when the one chick starts swinging a pole and kicks some ass with it. It's actually more of a buddy/road/thriller than an over-the-top sleazefest, which CAT III's usually are. The sleaze is still here though when you have a story about a kung-fu champion woman's life turned to shit when her boyfriend pimps her out and turns her into a junkie hooker. One day she got pissed off when a "customer" took a piss in her kung-fu trophy so she beats the hell out of the guy (she was naked as she did these awesome kicks). Later she ends up killing her pimp boyfriend and from then on she's been on the run as a hooker always trying to avoid the cops so she could get more drug money. Eventually she gets caught by a female cop (who too knows kung-fu) and then later they manage to become buddies on the run together out for revenge at a guy that fucked them both over real bad. There are 2 scenes that I remember being sadistic. This one scene had a dog (obviously fake) kicked like a football. And then there's a brutal and depressing rape scene when the two women are left naked in the rain as a shitload of horny drunk sailors try to have their way with them. Some naked kung-fu ensued there but it wasn't campy like the first naked kung-fu scene. This movie had a feminist tone by the way so I wouldn't say the movie went out to degrade women for pure exploitation. Overall, I thought this movie was cool, not as dark and mean-spirited as most CAT III's but not as light and easy as a buddy or action movie. Screenshots

Gore = Low, Sex = High, Violence = High, Overall = Okay

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